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About Me

I am Sheshkiran.N, from Banglore India.
I am an Animator.Since Childhood,I have been drawing cartoon characters and trying to animate them.
Before I even Knew anything about computer, I used to draw cartoon Fish in the Corner of my notebook page in a series,and enjoy the animation-effects,by rapidly flipping the pages.
After completing my Highschool education,I joined a computer training institute - 'Abacus' where I learned Flash animation.It was fascinating,and I started taking more interest in it.
Knowing my passion for animation,my parents too decided to train me in Animation;so I enrolled my name in 'Animaster'- a muitamedia training institute in Banglore; where they taught me the Technicalities of 2D drawings and animtion.I did my 1st project here - an animation clip with my own idea.

Meanwhile I started getting job offers from Multiamedia Companies to Work as an Animator.
I joined 'Param Padam Multimedia'and worked on a project designed for the Australian school children. I created some comic characters in Flash and also did some background in Photoshop.
Later I joined 'Media Jennie' another Multimedia Company as a 'Flash Animator'. Here I learned few things about web designing and use of action script.This job hardly lasted for about a year as there was no further job works based on flash, I had to bid goodbye.
But I still felt something amiss.Now I wanted to learn 3D animation.After quitting Media Jennie I registered myself in 'MAAC' to learn 3D.Here I learned 3D Modelling, Texturing, combustion, After Effects and bit of Rigging.Though I liked to learn both Modelling and Texturing, I was asked to choose any one of the two.I settled down to learn modelling.I created models of humans,Monsters,beastes, cars, mobikes and several other objects.
While I was half way through the course, I got another job offer from 'Stump-Vision'- a sports based multimedia company.First I joined here as a part time Animator and later; after finishing my 3D course at ,MAAC' I took up the job full time.
In this firm I had the opportunity to learn a totally new software called 'Expression'. I was told, that very few people in the world know about this software.Later I did some flash animation work involving cricket matches.
Here too no further Flash projects were coming up; so I quit to join 'Foresee Multimedia Pvt.Ltd'where they did web designing and also published a children's magazine called 'Hoopla'.Presently I am working here as a Graphic Designer and Animator. I create illustrations for the children's magazine based on the given story lines, and also do flash animation work for the websites for our clients.
I also do freelance work for other companies in my free time.I have done illustration in flash for 'Frameboxx' - a multimedia company having its offices accross India.
My ambition in life is to create and animate a cartoon character from India and make it popular globally, just like the Mickey Mouse, Tom and Jerry or the 'Popeye'.
I love watching Animated films but more than the main film I like watching the 'making' part of it.
My favourite film makers among others are 'Miyazaki of Japan (Spirited away)and Richard Philips of Toy Story.

Specialized Software's & Programming: Adobe Photoshop,Adobe Flash,3DS Max,Maya, Adobe illustrator,Toon Boom Studio. 
Shesh kiran.N
Caricature,Animation,Storyboard Artist by day, Freelancer by night. Currently based in Bangalore, India. For friendly inquiries, please contact me via email at: